Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio 2016.02.04

A feature-rich multitrack MIDI sequencer

Anvil Studio is a music recorder, composer and sequencer for MIDI music and MIDI audio equipment. View full description


  • Multitrack interface
  • Includes a library with samples and loops
  • Very well documented


  • Outdated interface

Very good

Anvil Studio is a music recorder, composer and sequencer for MIDI music and MIDI audio equipment.

With Anvil Studio you can record and compose music as well as edit MIDI files in a standard, multi-track interface. The program also includes a wide library with samples, loops and audio effects, and even a piano roll to practice notes.

Anvil Studio may not seem easy to use at first sight, especially if you’re a newcomer to audio editors. Fortunately, the program is very well documented and the extensive, built-in help section will surely have the answer to all your questions.

On the downside, Anvil Studio’s interface looks quite outdated and would benefit a lot from a complete redesign.

With Anvil Studio you easily can compose, record and edit multi-track MIDI music.


  • When Multi-Audio 8/16 was installed and playing a song with 24 bit, 192kHz stereo audio distortion can be heard on slower systems. This can be fixed by selecting the menu View / Options / Audio and changing the Bytes per buffer field to 8000 or 12000
  • Systems without MIDI Manager installed were unable to load SoundFont files after selecting the menu View / Synthesizers
  • Enhanced the menu Track / Add Chord Labels
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions, when starting to record an audio track, it could crash
Anvil Studio


Anvil Studio 2016.02.04

User reviews about Anvil Studio

  • Anvil Studio

    by Anvil Studio

    "No limitations."

    I don't understand. Free version has no limit on the number of songs. Free version has limit of 2 audio tracks, 1 minut... More.

    reviewed on February 2, 2015

  • SaintlyMic

    by SaintlyMic

    "Crippledware, NOT Freeware, and NOT free!"

    Even the paid version is limited to only a few songs. This version is even more crippled, therefore this is NOT freeware... More.

    reviewed on June 18, 2010